Henry Lieberman

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Henry Lieberman has been a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Laboratory since 1987. His interests are in the intersection of artificial intelligence and the human interface. He directs the Software Agents group, which is concerned with making intelligent software that provides assistance to users in interactive interfaces. Many of his current projects revolve around applying Common Sense Reasoning to interactive interfaces. He is using a large knowledge base of Commonsense facts about everyday life to streamline interfaces, provide intelligent defaults, and proactive help. Application areas include predictive typing, multilingual communication, management of photo and media libraries, product recommendation and e-commerce tools. He has edited or co-edited three books, including End-User Development (Springer, 2006), Spinning the Semantic Web (MIT Press, 2004), and Your Wish is My Command: Programming by Example (Morgan Kaufmann, 2001)(Source: Author).


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Henry Lieberman
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