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A scholar artist, Devon Schiller holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute, is an alumnus of the Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy, and is pursuing a Master of Arts in MediaArtHistory at The Center for Image Science, Danube University Krems, Austria.

With his research methodology as an art historian complementing his studio practice as a digital painter, Mr. Schiller employs cultural analysis as informed by the paradigm of mind science to investigate a thesis at the intersection of visual and textual literacy, presenting findings in conference, gallery and journal. Through a haptic tool-gesture system of hand, pointing device, and graphical user interface, Mr. Schiller probes how the topological structure of our body and its interaction with the environment inform the morphological properties of aesthetic paradigms; iconography encodes gender norms, behavior, and identity; methodologies for image analysis may advance an intertextual inquiry across academic disciplines; and the signs and significations of communication culture evolve from our biological inheritance.

As he continues to develop this research-led artistic practice, Mr. Schiller cultivates digital media (its methods, historiography, and the interplay of our biology with this information technology) in sites of cultural heritage as analyst of image, text, and audience.


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Devon Schiller
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