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Artist, teacher and academic. Holds a BFA and an MA in Literature. Currently she works as an Associate Professor in the Electronic Media and Time Arts Area of the Art Department at the Arts and Humanities Faculty of Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá – Colombia.

She has participated as an artist, lecturer, writer, editor, and speaker at events on new technologies, art and science in different cities of Colombia, Latin America, Asia and Europe.
At the moment she combines her teaching activities, with the creation of interactive multimedia projects mainly with “La Quinta del Lobo”, she focuses on video manipulated and controlled in real time, video mapping, monumental projections, and scenic arts a field that she has previously explored with the project retroViSOR.
She recently premiered “ Vanitas libellum” the project was funded by the Vice-Rector of Research and the Arts an Humanities Faculty at the Universidad de los Andes”.

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El alebrije Published on the Web (individual site) 2004

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