El alebrije

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Going through markets and bazaars of antiquities in Mexico, the photographer Iris Talbot discovers the diary and the Alebrije -a wood fantastic figure-of the traveller Santiago Lince. Iris starts to study and search for documentation about the characters and events that are told in him, conforming a bestiary of beings from chaos and an encyclopaedia that illustrates the fantastic and long story of the man in search of the conscience, while he goes across a contemporaneous Mexico full of magic and colourful contradictions, infested by voices of calacas -skeletons- and alebrijes. The proyect "El Alebrije" gathers artistic disciplines such as literature and script, acoustic programmed music, electronic, animation and photography, to achieve as a result a multimedial project whose aim is to integrate a nonlineal interactive narrative on a Web format.

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Comic of skeletons
Butterfly in the foreground
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Maya Zalbidea