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Sciences Po is a selective and diverse French university specialising in the humanities and social sciences. It devotes 40% of its budget to research.

Key dates:

1871: Émile Boutmy founds the École Libre des Sciences Politiques
1945: institutional change with the founding of the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris
1984: Savary Law: Sciences Po is defined as a “major public establishment”
2000: opening of the 1st regional campus the Franco-German and German-speaking Country campus in Nancy
2010: 42% of students are international
2010: opening of the 7th regional campus, the Euro-American campus in Reims

Key figures:

11000 students
42% of students are international
1,300 Masters degrees awarded per year
400 partner universities and 35 dual degrees
60 university professors (25 in 2000)
3 levels of training: undergraduate programme (7 campuses), 20 masters programmes, 5 PhD programmes
Nearly 200 continuing education programmes and over 6,000 trainees, 13 research units and 1 media lab
21% of all Sciences Po students have scholarships, 26% of students coming from the French school system have scholarships
950 employees


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