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What the user sees is a black-and-white, rectangular obituary in the middle of the
computer screen which addresses the victims of the last Iraq war. By letting the languages
and the meaning the textual fragments create fluctuate, the author emphasises
the fact that obituaries are a global phenomenon, the rhetorics of which are replaceable
and interchangeable regardless of where these are being written or read. The date of
the obituary is always the same as the actual date the text is read on, thus the text
gains the quality of actuality and credibility at the same time. Furthermore, in order to
increase the desired artistic effect, the author has put a body-count at the bottom of the
page, which is incremented roughly every second. Furthermore, there are strong sounds
of war, such as machine-gun fire, and screams of women and children in the background.

(Source: Roman Zenner "Hypertextual Fiction on the Internet: A Structural and Narratological Analysis")

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Scott Rettberg