Incubation2 : The 2nd trAce International Conference on Writing and the Internet

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15.07.2002 to 17.07.2002
Nottingham Trent University Nottingham
United Kingdom
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Incubation2 was the second trAce International Conference on Writing & the Internet, and the premier international event for writers working on the web. It provided a showcase for the writing of the future and offered a glimpse into the work of writers who use the internet to develop ground-breaking content: poetry with sound and images, personal histories, news, journalism, stories with multiple endings. This is writing on the web, for the web, and about the web.

Speakers included:

Lizzie Jackson, Editor, Communities, BBCi
Talan Memmott Hypermedia artist/writer
Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) Sound artist

The conference was a significant opportunity for writers to extend their professional development, learn new skills, and interact with some of the leading writers and artists working online today. There were opportunities to meet with writers who have made a significant contribution to this new form, as well as the chance for writers to show their own work and look at other people's. There werevskills-based workshops and feedback workshops, panel discussions, presentations, demonstrations and performances, and plenty of opportunity to network and meet those people you only ever knew online.

Our themes in 2002 were:


How do we collaborate on the web?
What is the difference between electronic writing and print-based writing?
Is new media writing literature?


How do we learn and teach writing on the web?
How is the online workshop different from the physical workshop?
How has the web changed what we learn and how we learn it?


How is the web enabling writers to address diversity and difference?
Is there a cultural divide between writers who use the web, and those who don't?
How is the interdisciplinary culture of the web affecting traditional funding models for writing?

(Source: trAce Archive, 2002 Incubation conference site)

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Scott Rettberg
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