The Colonization of Memory

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The Colonization of Memory is a procedural meditation on the way space becomes meaningful in the context of time and the way those meanings are overwritten with each new epoch. The chance operations of the procedure stood in for the aleatory path of history, while the writers played the historical subjects of those procedures.

One rainy day in Bergen, Norway, a group of writers - The Hanseatic Semiotic Traders League (a.k.a. Fiskekaker) - gathered to participate in the second Bergen exquisition to compose a story. An exquisition is an execution of a constraint-based writing project developed by Brendan Howell under the umbrella of exquisite_code. The first Norwegian exquisition was performed in 2010.

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With University of Bergen students Amrita Kaur, Margaux Pezier, Morten Sorreime, and Martin Swartling.

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