I Simpósio Internacional e V Simpósio Nacional de Literatura e Informática

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20.11.2012 to 22.11.2012
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
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This event plans to discuss the relation between literature, its diverse theoretical, practical and artistic perspectives, and the digital medium, giving emphasis on computer languages processing, which include the processing of natural languages, in their various forms (from statistical text analysis to web-semantics). This includes literary digital libraries and databases; reading, teaching, and learning digital support tools; digital arts and creative writing; digital treatment of literary texts; digital literary journals; writing in the digital media. These topics cover various areas of knowledge, in addition to literature, such as design, library science, computer science, linguistics, among others, also related to the event's proposal. In short, with this symposium, we intend to make clear once and for all the relationship between the area of Arts and science, technology and innovation, focusing resolutely on overcoming mutual prejudices that date ages back.

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Luciana Gattass
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