Blinding Lights

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This multimedia poem is about how saturated we have become with media coverage and how damaging that is. De Barros’ approach in this work is to also saturate us with sound, images, formatting, and color to make us realize the excessive amount of information we are constantly receiving. Each of the four parts of the poem uses multiple layers of color, still and moving images and text, looping and single-playing sounds, and responsive elements. Moving the pointer over the image of a man in the first part of the poem, for example, triggers a sequence of images that show how overloaded he is with visual information, to the extent that he needs to blindfold himself or avert his eyes. The narrative in the second part, and the images and words in the third and fourth parts all portray pain, damage, scarring, even murder, to demonstrate how damaged we have all become. (Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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Kristine Turøy