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This VRML piece is a meditation on Euclidean geometry, matter, mortality, eternity and language in all of these contexts. It consists of two spaces, the first of which we experience as a movie that displays four stanzas, each of which expresses Euclidean elements: solid, plane, line, point. The next space is intriguing because it has the four words above, plus two more words, all surrounding a cube made of clusters of 2-3 letters. Navigate this space when the initial movie ends, seeing the different views, and you’ll get the point of what Knoebel is trying to express with this minimalist poem in a virtual environment.

Note: To be able to read this work, you’ll need a VRML client (Recommendations: PC: Cortona 3D Viewer, Mac & Linux: OpenVRML). Be patient: you aren’t able to explore from the outset, only after you’ve seen the views. Right click on the window for a menu of options.

Source: Leonardo Flores,  I ♥ E-Poetry.

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Leonardo Flores