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"Last year I was invited by Sue Thomas and Kate Pullinger to go up to Leicester to give a lecture about the impact of blogging on writing at their Narrative Laboratory for the Creative Industries seminar, Blogs, Communities and Social Software. This year, I have a return invitation, not to lecture in person again but to be one of several guest lecturers contributing to De Montfort's Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media via a variety of online venues....

"My topic this year is 'open publishing' and everything related, and in the spirit of openness, transparency and discussion, and with the realisation that there are a lot of people out there who know a lot more than I do about this, I have decided to publish all my research here, as I go along. So you'll get to see all my sources, my half-formed thoughts, my wrong turns and my wild goose chases - and you'll be able to join in now, if you feel like it."

Suw Charman delivered her guest lecture via the 'Open Publishing' category in her blog, 'Strange Attractor'.

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Christine Wilks