Making Art Online

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Conceived and produced by Judy Malloy, Making Art Online, a work of computer-mediated  Information art/narrative, is created with artists statements about making art in early telecommunications systems.

Making Art Online includes words by Scot Art, John Coate, Anna Couey and  Lucia Grossberger Morales, Pavel Curtis, Robert Edgar, Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz, Carolyn Guyer,  Michael Joyce, Roger Malina, Jeff Mann, Pauline Oliveros, Tim Perkis, John Quarterman, Howard Rheingold, Jim Rosenberg, Randy Ross, Sonya Rapoport, Fred Truck, and others.

As musician/composer Tim Perkis wrote  about "The Hub",  (created in 1986 with fellow composer John Bischoff)  "..The result is a really new kind of collective composition, a new social way of making music that didn't exist before. We have a good time." -

Early versions of Making Art Online were exhibited in Reflux at the 1991 Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil, 1991 and published in the November 1, 1991 issue of FineArt Forum. The final version was first implemented as a website for the Center for Image and Sound Research, (CSIR) Vancouver, B.C., Canada on their pioneeering ANIMA website in the early days of of the World Wide Web in January of 1994.  Making Art Online was included in the  2001 traveling exhibition Telematic Connections: The Virtual Embrace (San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA. Feb. 7-Mar. 21 among many other venues) and is currenlty published on the website of the Walker Art Center in conjunction with the documentation for Telematic Connections.

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