Feature: "Fiery Sparks of Light"

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DepthKit Tv interviews Caitlin Fisher

Fiery Sparks of Light is an AR experience that reimagines a collection of poems by four renowned Canadian women poets - Margaret Atwood, Nicole Brossard, Canisia Lubrin and Sarah Tolmie. It was launched as part of an exclusive hybrid (onsite/digital) programme in Germany that celebrates Canada as the Frankfurt Book Fair Guest of Honor 2021.

Using volumetric cinema technology as the foundation, Fiery Sparks of Light includes an accompanying printed book that contains QR codes that bring Atwood, Brossard, Lubrin and Tolmie to life as holograms on a mobile device. This enabled Book Fair guests to experience these four poets reading their own original poems, which explore feminist perspectives of patriarchy, gendered objectification, stereotyping and oppression, while further augmented audiovisual after-effects enhance the viewer’s experience. This sensory exploration is designed to elicit an emotional response as users set the stage for these fiery written words to spark to life.

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Caitlin Fisher