International Workshop on Databases and Bibliographic Standards for Electronic Literature

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20.06.2011 to 21.06.2011
Bergen Public Library
Strømgaten 6
5015 Bergen
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This Consortium for Electronic Literature (CELL) workshop presents international projects that document, curate, and present research on electronic literature: born-digital literary forms such as hypertext fiction, kinetic poetry, interactive drama, location-based narrative, multimedia literary installations, and other types of poetic experiences made for the networked computer.

Since June of 2010, as part of the HERA-funded ELMCIP Project, the University of Bergen's Electronic Literature Research Group has been developing the ELMCIP Knowledge Base (, a platform positioned to become one of the leading research tools in this area of the digital humanities.

The primary goal of the workshop is to bring together members of several international projects working on the documentation of electronic literature. Representives of projects from the United States, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Norway will gather to pubicly present work on their projects, and to discuss how to best establish an international research infrastructure for the field.

Among the goals of the workshop will be the establishment of a standardized set of bibliographic fields used to describe works of electronic literature, and to work towards implementation of data-sharing arrangements between databases. Participants will include humanities researchers, research librarians, and digital-humanities developers, so that we can both conceptualize and begin implementing standards in all the databases concerned.

The workshop will include a public presentation of all of the projects represented; it will take place Monday, June 20th at the Bergen Public Library. These panels are open to the public, and interested researchers and librarians are particularly encouraged to attend.

Monday, June 20th -- Public events

Location: Bergen Public Library

9:30-11:30 Electronic Literature Databases and Archives

  Joseph Tabbi and Davin Heckman: the Electronic Literature Directory 

  Bertrand Gervais and Gabriel Tremblay-Gaudette: NT2

  Scott Rettberg and Eric Dean Rasmussen: the ELMCIP Knowledge Base 

  Rui Torres: Portuguese E-Lit Archive


13:00-14:30 Electronic Literature and the Digital Library

  John Vincler: US Library E-Lit Archive projects

  Thomas Brevik, Librarian and ELMCIP contributor

  Leif Magne Iversland, fungerende leder formedi på Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen


14:45-16:30 Electronic Literature Databases and Archives

  Jörgen Schäfer: Media Upheavals, University of Siegen

  Claire Kwong: Writing Digital Media Collection of the Brown Digital Repository

  Anna Gibbs and Maria Angel: Creative Nation, Australian E-Lit Directory

This workshop is suppported by the University of Bergen (smådriftsmidler) and the Norwegian Research Council's VERDIKT program.

Critical writing presented:

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E-lit From a Librarian's Perspective Thomas Brevik accessibility, electronic literature, archiving, reading, library
New Media: Its Utility and Liability for Literature and for Life Joseph Tabbi
NT2: Nouvelles technologies, nouvelles textualités Bertrand Gervais, Gabriel Tremblay-Gaudette
Portuguese E-Lit Archive Rui Torres poesia experimental, archive, experimental literature
Taxonomies and Folksonomies in Databases Jörgen Schäfer
The Electronic Literature Directory Joseph Tabbi, Davin Heckman database, archive, ELO, ELD, digital humanities
The ELMCIP Knowledge Base Scott Rettberg, Eric Dean Rasmussen ELMCIP, databases, digital humanities, electronic literature, teaching methodology, research infrastructure, literary studies
US Library E-Lit Archive Projects John M. Vincler preservation, archive, library, digital library
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