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J.K. Greye Software was a British software company set up by J.K. Greye in early 1981 and 6 months later joined by Malcolm Evans after they met at a Bath Classical Guitar & Lute Society meeting in Bath in 1981. They produced computer games for the Sinclair ZX81 and ZX Spectrum home computers.

They struck gold with the revolutionary 3D Monster Maze, the first 3D game for a home computer, which John Greye suggested they produce after seeing a basic 3D Maze that Evans had programmed in Z80 Assembler. In the spring of 1982, Evans split up the company and founded his own company, New Generation Software (a name taken from an advertising slogan by J.K. Greye), which continued to produce games for the ZX Spectrum.

J.K.Greye set up J.K. Greye Enterprises Ltd, a separate company which split off around February–March 1983, to produce games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.


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