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Toilet is a banner ad from the Brazilian pipe company Amanco Wavin and can be seen as a short interactive narrative. It features a toilet cubicle where the user can flush the toilet to learn more.

"The image and text encourage the interactor to pull the chain and consequently flush the toilet by pulling the mouse toward him- or herself while keeping the button pressed, hence mimicking the action of pulling the chain of the cistern downward." (Bouchardon 2014, 163)

(Source: Bouchardon, Serge. 2014. "Figures of Gestural Manipulation in Digital Fictions." In Analyzing Digital Fiction, edited by Alice Bell, Astrid Ensslin and Hans Rustad, 159-75. Routledge.)

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A vertical banner of green tiles with a toilet at bottom, with a violin and arms protuding from it.
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Kira Guehring