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Rendered in realtime 3D and using fragmentation and particle effects, Stasssis explores the patterns and complexities of manipulative human behaviour. Click and drag with the mouse to circle around the scene - or swipe your touch screen. Use the mouse wheel - or pinch in/out - to zoom. A sound-toy, digital poem and interactive art installation, Stasssis features animated texts and slowly exploding chess pieces alongside a code-warped soundtrack by Barry Snaith.

(Source: Artist's project page)

Screen shots: 
Two chess pieces—a black Queen and a white King—with the Queen shattering, surrounded by soundwaves.
A white Knight in the process of being shattered, sat on what appears to be a river or ocean bed.
A completely shattered white piece, surrounded by glowing motes and circular streeams of text.
White Bishop in the starting stages of being broken, with a hint of the text that's to follow.
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Andy Campbell