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Aphiddd was inspired, rather fittingly, by another poem I wrote many years ago about a friendship that I felt had become dependent, even parasitic in nature, largely without me even noticing.

The work developed as if the older poem were the ‘host’, the plundered source material – which made for an interesting writing and editing process. 

The idea to use photo-scanned plants and materials as part of the work came from spending time outdoors during the autumn/winter months and seeing plants, leaves and barks deteriorating. The colours at times were spectacular and beautiful, despite the nature of what was happening.

(Source: http://thenewriver.us/aphiddd/)

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Aphiddd is a browser-based digital poem that uses a series of photo scanned natural textures/shapes and animated texts to uncover the nature of a parasitic human connection. Aphiddd requires a contemporary web browser, a computer with a graphics card, and may take some time to download and unpack. Once loaded, use the mouse and your mouse’s scroll wheel (or the arrow keys on the keyboard and R+F to zoom in and out) to explore the poem. The poem is comprised of 3 sections. There is also an optional Android app version available.

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Screenshot from Aphiddd
Screenshot from Aphiddd
Screenshot from Aphiddd
Screenshot from Aphiddd
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