Berlin Remix

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"Berlin: Symphony of a Great City" by Walter Ruttman (1927) is the central work in the genre of "City Films" which thrived internationally in the 1920s and 1930s. "Berlin Remix" is a generative video installation based on this seminal work. The original film has been deconstructed into its individual shots, which are placed in a shots database. "Berlin Remix" investigates cinematic style and technique through the creation and presentation of an ongoing series of short films drawn from this database. Each of these short films reflects a different facet of the original work, and each film is unique - differing from the others in cinematic style, thematic content or both. The artist has defined a number of style templates through analysis of various documentary films, particularly those in the City Film genre. The templates incorporate different content themes (such as work, recreation, culture, class) and a variety of cinematic manipulations (such as sequencing pattern, editing pace, transition choice, and visual treatment). The templates will use real-time algorithmic operations to call up shots and apply the cinematic treatment. The viewer is presented with an ongoing and constantly changing series of short films. Each film may be viewed on its own and assessed for its impact. However, comparison of the short films as they emerge will provide insights into the original "Berlin" and support a deeper analysis of both style and content in the context of cinematic art.

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