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A short story that uses hyperlinks to link different chapters on a keyword basis.

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Собак ненавидел. Услышанная еще в волчачьем возрасте “Охота на волков” совершенно потрясла, хотя не знал еще ни слова из людского языка. И на гитаре играть не умел, хотя папа-волк показывал, как дергать зубами за струны, чтобы они начинали выть — не так как мы, волки, тоньше и короче, но сердце все равно стонало в ответ. Зато магнитофон умел включать сам, оттопыривая один коготь и аккуратно нажимая им на черную кнопочку.

He hated dogs. As a wolf puppy, he heard the Wolf Hunt story that compelled him, even though he couldn't understand a word of the human language. He couldn't play the guitar either, tho Dad Wolf had shown him how to pull the strings with fangs—and the strings howled in reply. Their howl wasn't like that of the wolves, it was shorther and had a higher pitch, and yet it did appeal to the heart. However, he was indeed able to hit the Play button of the cassette player with a neatly drawn-out talon.

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The work is no longer available in its original publication and can be only partially extracted from the Web Archive.

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