Occupy London (with Cartoons)

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During the Occupy protest at St Pauls Cathedral in London, there were many drawings and paintings sellotaped to the walls; the area became a public Art gallery. Works full of slogans and messages, full of passion.

While visiting the site, it occurred to me that many people want to express their views in this way, and contribute their own art work to share with Occupy London, to express their support and solidarity; but they couldn’t physically be there.

I built an online cartoon tool to makes it easy to make political cartoons to support Occupy London. Once a week I printed them, went to St Pauls and put them on display. I also exhibited the cartoons in other places, such as cafes and bookshops, to get wider exposure.

Well known artists contributed work, and we built up a big stock of ‘ready-made’ fantastic drawings and cartoons – for everyone to remix.

The project is a collectively authored and networked satire, giving everyone a chance to participate/ support/ speak out/ in a creative way.

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Dave Miller