O Cosmonauta

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The initial idea of The Cosmonaut came from a suggestion that we work on the story of Ed Aldrin, bringing it to the digital environment. Of course, the philosophical or anthropological record did not seduce us in any way, but the possibility of fictionalizing a history of religious conversion (or reconversion). On the surface, what is known of this episode is that Aldrin, having remained alone in the Lunar Module while Neil Armstrong made his historic walk ( a small step for a man, a great leap for mankind ...), had a kind of religious epiphany. From there, he became (or came to be) a convicted Christian. On top of that, we proposed to change the location of the epiphany, which became a spacecraft in outer space, orbiting the Moon. The astronaut, on the other hand, would be a cosmonaut because of the etymological implications of this term


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O COSMONAUTA - Alckmar Santos & Wilton Azevedo in progress

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