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'Interstitial Articulations' is a series of audiovisual works by artist Alison Clifford and composer Graeme Truslove, that explores the space between sound and image through collaboration. The series is based around reinterpretations of a number of photographic light paintings taken during a drive at night. The photographs were experiments - improvisations with long exposures, motion and gesture. The light-forms which resulted were chance occurrences, combining the momentary fleeting headlights of passing traffic and the movements of the photographer, resulting in a series of abstract, 'interstitial' (in-between) forms.

Considering these ethereal forms as source materials, the series imagines what it would be like to experience them in different contexts beyond the photographic image. How might they be reinterpreted and rewritten for another context? And how might audio be used to structure our visual experience of them?

Lux (2012) is the third work in the series.



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Alison Clifford