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It is a digital poem that can only be read by screaming to the screen. Once the user screams the verses of the poem appear and when the user stops, the words are not longer seen. It is an interactive sound poem. It can be related to Loss of Grasp by Serge Bouchardon and Vincent Volckaert and Zang Tumb Tumb by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. Aburto is a Peruvian poet and professor at the PUCP. Having worked in Communicative Arts has permitted him use different formats for his poetry: oral, written and digital. His Peruvian origin can be seen in the way his work relates to other 2000s writers from Peru: vindication of publication of poetry and interest for combining conceptual, textual and visual aspects. In this work, the use of the screen, the microphone and the appearing and disappearing letters permit a communicative situation between poet and reader, the reader becomes a creator of the poem because his participation is essential for watching the words. The effort of crying out loud that the work demands to the reader increases the effects of the messages of desperation and vindication

(Source: Maya Zalbidea)

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Opening page for sound poem "Grita"
Jose Aburto, work webpage
Jose Aburto, work webpage
Jose Aburto, work webpage
Jose Aburto, work webpage
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