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The continual sound -- part murmur, part jackhammer -- of a mother's voice binds past, present, and possible futures. The unnamed narrator struggles with death, birth, and with the lost loves -- Alwin, J. R., and the Deep Sea Diver -- who populate her psychic landscape. Sensitive, whimsical, and moving. (Source: Eastgate Systems)

Mothering is a short fiction that attempt to remediate conceptually hypertextual print work into the storyspace environment. The work capriciously weaves together themes and images that run through the text like "motifs", or "melodies" in "a piece of symphonic music". The reader can choose which motifs to follow, or they can follow the 52 lexias of the default path. Choosing lexias, or motifs, randomly will take the reader on threads representing specific characters, settings, or "mental processes such as dreaming". 

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There are spiders in the corners, her mother says they are knitting Christmas stockings and must be left in peace. When they talk about her father, the room darkens.

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Alvaro Seica