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ION 1 is a crowd-sourced series of 111 sound poems-in-progress by mic mac (Michael MacKenzie) in collaboration with the Post Art Poets spanning Gertrude Stein's ‘Tender Buttons’ (which can be freely read here: The work layers 7 (and in later instances as many as 32) readings of the ‘Tender Buttons’ poems into single clips. To participate, unaltered found or original human voice recordings may be submitted and will appear in subsequent installments of the poem. Send submissions to my email (below). An award system (called Copycoins) provides funds for more in-depth interaction with the poems. Statistics particular to each reading will appear in the sound-files’ [Youtube] descriptions. Each of the poems here are in their seventh installment. The playlists will grow and be modified as time passes; the poem is expected to run indefinitely - until I or the community lose(s) interest in it. Thank you. (Source: Elo conference: First encounters 2014)

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