Share to Heal / Comparte para sanar -- Creative Digital Practices: Community Platform for Healing and Visualisation

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24.05.2021 to 25.05.2021
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The global coronavirus pandemic has brought up a series of challenges which have made us change our lifestyle by balancing work and family life, education and recreation. It has brought up feelings of uncertainty, isolation, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, depression, stress; impacting on our mental health and well-being as well as our economic situation. This global disaster has hitted harder those people from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as socioeconomic status, physical and health issues, living in violent and abusive relationships and has brought up to light the imbalance in society. For some of us, online platforms have served to make this situation more bearable. We are learning to do what we did before, at a distance. Based on this and previous creative projects where we were already dealing with a community-based goal, the aim of this workshop is to make visible (through sharing) social, personal or collective issues/challenges which have become more apparent during the pandemic. We will be using digital methodologies of collaboration and visualisation to highlight the main concerns of the community taking part in this discussion. For this purpose, we are providing you with an online platform where you will be able to share a personal or collective issue to heal. The shared stories will be distributed amongst the participants, who will find solutions to heal them through a creative digital proposal. All participants sharing and healing will be anonymous.

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Milosz Waskiewicz
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