New Media Writing Prize 2017

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The New Media Writing Prize awards evening took place at Bournemouth University on January 17th 2018. Vanita Patel, BA English Student at Bournemouth University, captured the event for us.
On January 17th, Bournemouth University hosted the 8th annual awards ceremony for the New Media Writing Prize. This year’s attendees were lucky to have the opportunity to listen to Adrian Smith, Amuzo Director and one of the creators of the original Tomb Raider games. The evening also consisted of a presentation with the competition’s shortlisted entries and winners as well as giving an insight on some of the judges own personal opinions on what new media narratives meant to them. The event was organised by Jim Pope and was graciously sponsored by if:book boss, Chris Meade, Unicorn Training CEO Peter Phillips and Gorkana’s Philip Smith and Cheryl Douglas.

Adrian Smith talked about his experience with interactive narratives whilst creating Tomb Raider in 1996. Using the New Media Writing Prize’s key elements: Innovation, Interactive and Immersive as a starting point for his presentation, Smith gave an interesting talk about the creation of the iconic gaming franchise. It was clear that during the creation of Tomb Raider, the most important element of it was what the heart of the game should be. Whether it was being able to let the player explore the world, making the game accessible to all, or to produce achievable goals and challenges, Tomb Raider provides many options for whatever type of gamer you are.

(Source: Article from :  ‘The Cartographer’s Confession’ wins the New Media Writing Prize 2017,  )

Bournemouth University and if: book UK announced the shortlist for the 2017 New Media Writing Prize. The shortlisted works for 2017 were:

Main Prize Winner and Shortlist 2017:

The Main Prize was awarded to James Attlee: The Cartographer’s Confession 

The Student prize was awarded to Natasha Nunn: Mary Rose 

Gorkana Award for Journalism 2017 awarded to Magdelena Chodownik, Akradiusz Sotdon, and Piotr Kliks: Lunik IX 

Lunik IX awarded to Magdelena Chodownik, Akradiusz Sotdon, and Piotr Kliks:

(Source: New Media Prize 2017)

New Media Writing Prize 2017
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