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Piotr has already started programming in primary school. Although Piotr studied marketing and management at the Poznań University of Economics and Business, his passion for programming and new technologies did not disappear. In the framework of various projects, which he realized both during and after the university classes, he developed his programming skills and learned how to used them in practice. Before devoting his time fully to his own firm, Piotr has gained experience beeing a part of businesses which focused on SEO and widely understod online marketing. Since 2010, Piotr has been working as a freelance programmer and Front-end & WordPress developer. His clients include marketing agencies and small and big businesses from around the world. What he likes the most about his job is the possibility of realizing abstract ideas (which website often are in their early stages), and giving them specific structure in order to present the most intuitive final product. Long story short: Piotr makes all the magic behind the website design, he makes a website functions as a user wants it to function. In his free time Piotr improvises in the kitchen, especially he likes to bake different kinds of bread. He also likes to spend time playing with his dog Harfa and reading books. Piotr dreams of long vacation in Tuscany, during which he plans to eat pizza and pasta with his wife under the Italian sun.

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Lunik IX Published on the Web (individual site) 2017
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Piotr Kliks
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