In(ter)ventions: Literary practice at the Edge

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18.02.2010 to 21.02.2010
The Banff Centre Banff , AB
Alberta CA
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In(ter)ventions — Literary Practice At The Edge: A Gathering is a conference unlike any held previously in Canada. Over the course of four days, thirty six forward-thinking literary artists will create a context for the demonstration and discussion of cutting-edge literary practice. In a mixture of panels, papers, readings, performances, and more, participants will explore digital literature, interactivity, collaboration, cross-disciplinary work, formal innovation, “uncreative” writing, new modes of dissemination, and literary pedagogy.

Within the rapidly changing landscape of literary practice and dissemination, technology has rocketed forward, putting more power into the hands of writers and other artists. New literary modes have appeared and continue to develop, and the ability to share information rapidly across disciplines has resulted in exciting and challenging cross-pollination. In(ter)ventions will explore the edges of literature, where technology, innovation, and literary practice meet.

This conference is open to writers, new media artists, students, critics, educators, and others who want to contribute to, or listen in on, the conversation taking place with regards to innovative modes of literature. Participants will come away from this cutting-edge conference with a better understanding of the future of literary practice and inspiration to further explore emerging trends in the discipline.

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A Little Talk About Reproduction J. R. Carpenter photocopy, artist books, hypertext, HTML, art, art theory, web art
Getting in on the Ground Floor: A Hazy History of How and Why We Banded Together J. R. Carpenter feminism, cyberfeminism, internet, history, internet history, book
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J. R. Carpenter
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