Incubation3: The 3rd trAce International Symposium on Writing and the Internet

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12.07.2004 to 14.07.2004
Nottingham Trent University Nottingham
United Kingdom
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Confirmed speakers included:
Keynote Speaker: Ted Nelson
Plus: Paul Brown, Alan Sondheim, Tim Wright
Also featuring: Kate Pullinger, Steve Gibson, Simon Widdowson

2004 saw the third Incubation, the premier international event for writers working on the web providing ideas, information and debate for the new media writing community. There were opportunities to experience recent works and lively discussions about the ways new media texts are made, discussed, and reviewed. We also explored methods of teaching and digital archiving in a creative context. Incubation aims to encourage interdisciplinary creativity and cross-fertilisation, and we were especially interested in introducing the form to writers and artists for whom it is a new idea as well as helping practitioners to share and expand their work.

The themes for 2004 were:
A. Developing a new form: contemporary textual works in new media and performance
B. The practice of making: creative and professional practice; online teaching and learning.
C. Critique and criteria: criticism, reviewing, defining, and archiving of new media writing.

(Source: trAce Archive, conference site)

Critical writing presented:

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Would you let Mikhail Bakhtin smoke your text? : Dialogism and the Participative Rhetoric of Computer-mediated textual art Gavin Stewart Bakhtin, dialogic, rhetoric, reading, participation
Narrative Archaeology and the New Narrativology Jeremy Hight narrative, story, place, locative narrative
Fixing the Computer World Theodor Holm Nelson hypertext, web, software, Project Xanadu, transclusion
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Scott Rettberg
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