Narrative Archaeology and the New Narrativology

Critical Writing
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To reconsider narrative and its relationship to new media one must look at the spatial possibilities and rich subtext already present in the cities and roads away from hypertext and screen specific data forms. The majority of work dealing with gps is emphasizing the leaving of traces, of another layer to enhance. This misses a huge area of potential. The city spaces can now be "read" in all the layers of architecture, ethnography, layers of land usage, and the narratives of people lost in time. Writing can become one of a story space constructed of fictive detail to establish story space AND the details of the steets and buildings themselves and their details (much of which is unkown to most who pass them). Juxtaposition, experiential metaphor, a sense of not V.R with one still in one world in active in another as story space, but active in both. The new writing form creates a new sense of detail and metaphor as well as of process itself, with many exciting new possibilities.

(Source: Author's abstract, Incubation3 conference, trAce Archive)

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Scott Rettberg