CLARIN Annual Conference 2019

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30.09.2019 to 02.10.2019
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The CLARIN Annual Conference is the main annual event for those working on the construction and operation of CLARIN across Europe, as well as for representatives of the communities of use in the humanities, and social sciences.

This event is organized by CLARIN ERIC in collaboration with the University of Leipzig and InfAI - Institut für Angewandte Informatik.

CLARIN2019 is organized for the wider Humanities and Social Sciences communities in order to exchange ideas and experiences with the CLARIN infrastructure. This includes the design, construction and operation of the CLARIN infrastructure, the data, tools and services that it contains or should contain, its actual use by researchers, its relation to other infrastructures and projects, and the CLARIN Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure.

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Electronic Literature: Archiving, History, and Potentiality Scott Rettberg, Nicola Piras, Elisa Gorgaini history, archiving, databases, potentiality, reading strategies
Electronic Literature: Documenting and Archiving Multimodal Computational Writing Scott Rettberg genres, research infrastructure, documentation, archiving, preservation, ELMCIP Knowledge Base, data mining and visualization
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Scott Rettberg
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