Spanish Digital Literature in the Garden of the Forking Paths

Abstract (in English): 

Spanish Digital Literature is now an artistic experimentation field which attracts the attention of many authors, critics and readers every day. Its heartbeat began in the late 90s. During these twenty years the launch of digital literature has coincided with the crises in textuality to which digital media has given rise (Romero López 2012). In addition, the creativity of so-called ‘digital natives’ is an added factor that is giving positive and substantial results (Pressman 2014). The new commitment to digital reading has been enough to bring about a knowledge crisis capable of formulating new socio-cultural changes, innovative ways of disseminating information and novel beliefs, which is what we are already witnessing. This essay shows the forking paths of Spanish digital literature. After the discussion about how digital literature emerged, the new textualities appearing on the digital literary paths will be reviewed.

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