Principles and Processes of Generative Literature

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Generative literature, defined as the production of continuously changing literary texts
by means of a specific dictionary, some set of rules and the use of algorithms, is a very
specific form of digital literature which is completely changing most of the concepts of
classical literature. Texts being produced by a computer and not written by an author
require indeed a very special way of engrammation and, in consequence, also point to
a specific way of reading, particularly concerning all the aspects of the literary time. In
my paper, I will try to present some of the characteristics of generative texts and their
consequences for the conception of literature itself.
I call “engrammation” the adaptation of choices of expression to the technical constraints
of the medium used for its mediatization. For instance, a book needs a fixed writing,
and the mediatization by means of a screen needs other modalities of presentation.

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