The Postulate to Hyperdescribe the World: Film Poems by Katarzyna Gie łż y ń ska

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The film-poem emerges from the crossroads of literature, film and animation. Giełżyńska's works appear as ironic, personal, cross-medial statements. The Polish author sets herself an ambitious task: "to play at the world's own game" by describing it in a fast-paced, polimedial, synesthetic way. Resembling "animated posters", the film-poems reflect the condition of the contemporary artist and her cultural, linguistic and technological context and try to redefine the answers to the old question: how to describe the world? who is the author? what is the difference between the human and non-human? The message carried by the film-poems is quite universal, if not global, hence the decision to translate them into English

(Source: ELO 2014 conference.)

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Scott Rettberg