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Lenin proclaimed that communism is the soviets at power plus electrification of the whole country. Constructivists, starting with A. Gan (1912) were advocating mechanical approach to creation in accordance with the communist ideology of anti-elitist art for people. Velimir Khlebnikov and Roman Jakobson demonstrated the tools for poetic demontage of the language. Later on the years of inventive underground samizdat publishing and circulation practice provided for wider understanding of textual materialities. Despite the rich technological and poetic experimentation history, the emergence of neteratura (net literature), or cyberature (cyberliterature) took place only in the 1990s under the influence from the States. Runet (Russian language segment of the Internet), although its first very few users were singular scientists in the 1980s, started publicly as a literary phenomenon with Dmitry Manin's Bout Rimes (1995) and Roman Leibov's ROMAN (1995),, and Moshkov Library.

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