The New River (Spring 2018)

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Spring 2018 Issue
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The world as we know it is changing: drones can deliver burritos, cars can drive themselves, all movies are remakes, and our middle school math teachers were all wrong – we do always have a calculator in our pocket. Welcome to the future! We’re talking about your smartphone. These small rectangular devices have affected nearly every aspect of our lives. New media is no exception. For this issue, we have curated a collection of pieces, both desktop and mobile, that exemplify all that new media has to offer in this future we live in.



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A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS (Spring 2018) Tali Cohen, Devin Koch

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DO IT Serge Bouchardon
News Wheel Jody Zellen
Salt Immortal Sea John Thomas Murray, Joellyn Rock, Mark C. Marino
The Human Touch Jody Zellen

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