Inner Telescope: The First Poem in Outer Space (a Conversation)

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Kac's work, entitled Inner Telescope, was specifically conceived for zero gravity and was not brought from Earth: it was made in space by Thomas Pesquet (French astronaut) following the artist's instructions.

The artwork was made from materials already available in the space station. It consists of a form that has neither top nor bottom, neither front nor back. Viewed from a certain angle, it reveals the French word “MOI“ [meaning “me”, or "myself"]; from another point of view one sees a human figure with its umbilical cord cut. This “MOI“ stands for the collective self, evoking humanity, and the umbilical cord cut represents our liberation from gravitational limits.

Inner Telescope is an instrument of observation and poetic reflection, which leads us to rethink our relationship with the world and our position in the Universe.

Eduardo Kac at ELO 2018
Eduardo Kac at ELO 2018

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Trailer: “Inner Telescope, a Space Artwork by Eduardo Kac” (Virgile Novarina, Observatoire de l’Espace, 2017)

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