Hipermedismo, narrativa para la virtualidad

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In Hipermedismo, narrativa para la virtualidad (Hypermediadism, a Narrative for Virtuality), the contend is divided into three chapters, that cover from the historical process that permits the existence of new recourses applied to narrative to keys of this literary genre that does not enjoy, not even a universal name. The first part, La gestación de un género narrativo, (the Gestation of a Narrative Genre), summarizes how the use of technology has had an impact on the way of writing and publishing. The second part, Del papel a la pantalla. Hipermedismo literario (From Paper to Screen. Literary Hypermediadism), tries to organize the narrative keys that demands the storage medium: the conciseness that demands the space the screen offers; the communion of arts not only textual, a conviviality in which each one has a different narrative level and explores the possibilities in which literature manages without the text; the use of the hypertext, that allows folds contents; the ludic feature and the interaction of the reader, it challenges the convention of the lineal discourse imposed from the antiquity. In the third chapter, Las condiciones del hipermedio (The Conditions of Hypermedia), that presents a vision of creators and challenges that present the works exposed to readers.

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