Highways of the Mind

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Highways of the Mind explores the history of the interstate highway system and its transformative impact on the physical and cultural landscapes of America. Beginning with the 1939 New York World’s Fair and
tracing the development of America’s automotive culture, Highways of the Mind combines interactive
multimedia features with original scholarly content to provide new insight into the figure of the
superhighway as a metaphor for social progress through technology. We show that the
superhighway is a compelling 20th-century metaphor that reveals the complex nature of humankind's
fascination with technologies of transportation, from our fantasies of techno-utopianism to our
anxieties about the disappearance of nature and the dehumanizing impact of modern technology.

A scholarly multimedia work exploring the rhetorics and cultural impact of the American superhighway system in urban planning, urban/environmental criticism, ecological studies, infrastructural studies and science fiction.

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Our highways are haunted.

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Helen Burgess