Fourth VR: Indigenous virtual reality practice

Abstract (in English): 

Indigenous creators are currently using virtual reality (VR) tools, techniques and workflows in wide-ranging geographical locations and across multiple VR formats. Their radical adaptation of this new technology folds together cultural traditions and VR`s unique audiovisual configurations to resist dominant, particularly colonial frameworks.

Withing this context, we ask how VR is being used to create space and capacity for indigenous creatives to tell theis stories and how do indigenous creatives negotiate Eurocentric modes of production and distribution? 

To answer these questions, our Fourth VR database provides a snapshot of indigenous VR works. By draving on three case studies drawn from the database- The Hunt(2018), Future Dreaming (2019) and Crow: The Legend (2018)- As well as the wider patterns emergin across the database, it is possible to see and indigenous centered VR productions framework. 

This Framework is diverse but also contains repeated trends such as the ability to use VR to express and realize indigenous Futurism: foreground native languages in virtual worlds: provide new articulations of indigenous activism: emboddy connections berween the past, presents and future and demostrate the interconnectivity of all living things. in turn, this growing body of work, engaging with the full spectrum of VR formats and tools, provides contribution to the wider arena of VR Practice. 

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Maud Ceuterick