Electronic Literature Pedagogies

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Educational models, institutional contexts, and policies in European higher education regarding electronic, or digital, literature were foregrounded in a series of activities centered at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH, Sweden) during the ELMCIP project. The activities were focused on an initial mapping of pedagogical efforts throughout Europe concerning electronic literature, led by the Principal Investigator (and author of this chapter) in collaboration with the BTH-based ELMCIP postdoctoral researcher. In addition, the BTH team, consisting of the Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, postdoctoral researcher, and assistants, organized a themed workshop in 2011 that centered around the question of electronic, or digital, literature and pedagogy. This chapter will focus on the best practices that emerged out of that workshop, the research into pedagogical activities, and relevant published reports. The aim is to provide a basis for policy decisions in the field of education, the arts, and culture in Europe as we face the profound changes that the digital has brought about in these sectors.

(Source: Electronic Literature Pedagogies by Maria Engberg)

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