Cyborg Anthropology

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Matthew Fuller on The Cyborg Handbook.

The Cyborg Handbook tells the story of how one particular model, or one cluster of models grouped under the term cyborg (cybernetic organism), has come to occupy a key place as a meaning-making apparatus that either actually or rhetorically involves such disparate areas as: the invention of new emotions; self-directed evolution; combat and medical augmentation; the prediction, monitoring, and control of body movement; farming; automatism; remote or prosthetic operations; reproductive technology. Culling material from a wide variety of academic sources, The Cyborg Handbook follows the lead of Donna Haraway, who adds an image-rich foreword to the book, in putting cyborgs on the map of cultural criticism.

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“every age has its mythical figures that transgress the boundaries it creates between the human and the non-human, culture and nature.” 

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