Building Community through a Digital Literature Archive: The Case of Ciberia Project

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Ciberia Project has emerged around the creation of Ciberia, a digital archive dedicated to digital literature in Spanish, with the purpose of making its contents more widely shared and fostering community building around digital literature. This project in-tends to function as a platform for a community interested and/or specialized in new creative forms of literary publishing, using the Ciberia database as the confluence point and origin of collective interaction, creation and reflection on digital literature and its ramifications in the field of literary publishing. This paper provides a descrip-tion of the digital library Ciberia, and its spin-off, the web platform Ciberia Project, offering a detailed account of their structure and potentialities.

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Ciberia: Biblioteca de Literatura Digital en Español Universidad Complutense, LEETHI Research Group, Ciberia Project

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Hannah Ackermans