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The application encourages user movements / act
and turn them into a / personal / own performance.
captures / records user interactions. 12 levels.

"ZYX uses the iPhone or iPod Touch's built-in motion-tracking capabilities to guide users through a series of gestures, from turning in a circle to raising one's arm up and down. Each time a gesture is performed correctly, the phone clicks; when all gestures have been completed, the device sounds an alarm in celebration. This app situates the user in a realm that is both virtual and physical. Bystanders see the user as performing a strange dance; in contrast, the iPhone observes and rewards the user's adherence to a prescribed set of movements. This dissonance between the virtual space inhabited by the iPhone user and the physical space occupied by the observer has become an everyday phenomenon, exemplified by the experience of passing someone on the street who appears to be delivering a nonsensical monologue while speaking into the microphone of a wireless mobile device."

(Source: http://zyx-app.com/)

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Alvaro Seica