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Wired Monkeys is a cross-genre short film that intends to blend conventional narrative with music video. Its purpose is to reflect a journey from self-realization to self-discovery of a shared hidden history all humans have. A protagonist sets out find peace as he retraces his own path of spirituality that he discovers extends far back into pre-history.

A robot protagonist was chosen to portray what a wired monkey metaphorically represents: a programmed human. A gray metal, mostly faceless, machine that executes the same task every day. No other lifeforms seem to exist in his stark reality.

The juxtaposition of color and black and white illustrate the stark differences between the programmed robot world and the colorful world of real human feelings. The colored lips, tragic images of the world, and beauty of nature are all meant to remind us that we are often only reminded of our humanity when pushed to the fringes of our emotions.

Most importantly, the song which serves as the inspiration and bedrock for this narrative is also titled “Wired Monkeys” and bathes the viewer in an empowering Folk-Americana score.

Underneath his robot shell lies a real human with real skin. In nature, his body finally able to breathe real air, and feel real sun. The protagonist has shed his wires and for the first time has moved beyond his programming.

There are many moments a filmmaker hopes to direct, coach, or entice emotion from their actors and this film stands as a wonderful example of how feelings can be conveyed without any control over facial expression whatsoever. In fact, the protagonist’s face has no ability to change in any way. His entire head is a solid and unmovable component. Furthermore, there is only one character in the film with no other living (or robotic) being to interact with. This is why it was crucial that this film be told entirely through the cut – juxtaposition and montage.

Aesthetically, this film is meant to be representative of an emotional and psychological cleansing. Full of symbolism and subtext, “Wired Monkeys” is a pure form of filmmaking. While it is still a structured narrative, other than the song that mirrors that narrative, it is devoid of all dialog. The story is driven entirely through montage and juxtaposition of images.

While there are many other morals and lessons within this story, ultimately, “Wired Monkeys” is about examining our lives and seeking happiness for ourselves. We can identify with the robot because we understand what it means to feel like others are trying to program us.

(Source: ELO2019 Conference Programme)

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Vian Rasheed