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This guest performance in the New Media Scotland Twitter account during her residency in July 2008 featured a daily tweet for each day of the month— making a sequence of 31 silky lines mezangelle.

_Twitterwurking_comprised of sequential “tweets” posted via a microblogging platform called Twitter. The work itself was written in my mezangelle language- a type of merging of programming languages/code with poetic elements. The Twitterwurk sought to incorporate specific users into the narrative by typing the “@” symbol before their name. The users were then made aware of this focused reply and thus deliberately enfolded into the tweetstream/project.

Quoted from I ♥ E-Poetry and "_Twitterwurking_" documentation.

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1 : g o T o [ t o + D o r o . t h e e + W i c k e d . W h i ( t { e } ) c h e s ( s ) ] .
do[p]wn.the.ra[bbitten].hole.we.go || twitter_set[tlers,all].

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Leonardo Flores