The Tunnel People

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The Tunnel People project is a work originally created for the exhibition "Metropolis", which was developed in two platforms. On the one hand the hypertext is a story of multiple paths presenting the fiction of mysterious inhabitants living in the underground. On the other hand there were a series of performances played by three actors, two men and one woman inside of trains traveling from North to South in Brussels subway. The actions and dialogues written by Dora García and performed by the actors try to awaken on the user the need to decide if the situation created by the performances can be accepted as real or if he/she has been trapped in a representation which aim is unknown. The questions that this project wants to suggest are: What is the limit of the accepted behaviourby the audience? How a strange situation can be felt as familiar? When does a conversation becomes absurd? Is it true that thruth is under the earth?

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Maya Zalbidea